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The Hileyscooter family opens its doors to new dealer in the world!


Dreaming about your own independent business?

The world’s leading network of electric scooters is seeking the best in promoting the largest social transport revolution in the last decade.

The company has open up new dealers throughout the world, including Singapore, France, Israel, Korean, Vietnam and many more. all of whom have been carefully chosen to preserve and lead the world’s largest and best brand.

The partnership in the Hiley scooter – number 1

  • A product with exclusive exclusivity due to ownership of production plants that provides economic stability.

  • Close accompaniment from the establishment stage to our joint success.

  • Development and blue-white design that contributes to the possibilities of government and social assistance.

  • A research lab that renews every year the latest technologies of the famous Tesla company.

  • Help with financing, financial, bureaucratic and accounting support all the way.

  • A strong and powerful clientele that includes leading celebrities and media people.

  • Advertising and marketing budgets at large scale volumes with significant impact.

  • The largest Facebook group in Singapore , the first page in Google, high-budget advertisements and more ‘

Prepared? Here are the criteria for applying

Above all, we believe in human capital – we are all salespeople of our nature, with leading entrepreneurial and management abilities that espouse values and fruitful business cooperation.
So if you are made from our material – join us and your success is guaranteed!

All you need to do is fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Make this world a better place!!

10 over countries with our brand
Top of all electric scooter products
50,000 happy customers and increasing


Hiley technology Co.,Ltd




WeChat: moonlucky216

whatsapp/Mb: +86 13296762667

Factory: Building 4, No. 518, Binhai 3 Road, Hangzhou Bay New District, 315336 Ningbo,Zhejiang China.

Head Office: 25f Jinpin Mansion Headquarters Center,Yongkang,Zhejiang China.

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