The fourth generation of Maxspeed series.  


*Wheel Size:10*2.5inch

*Motor:52V 600W brushless

*Battery:52V13/18/26A Lithium

*Max Speed:50-55km/h


*Speedometer:LCD display

*Light: Head light+rear signal light

*Brake: R&F disc brake

Maxspeed 4

  • Our MAXSPEED 4 is here!
    Best Seller in 2018 model that going to be the biggest hit in this year market
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    Product's features: 

    1) New design with unique style
    2) New smart display
    3) USB output charging cell phone
    4) Rear drive/Disc brake
    5) 10-inch wheel
    6) Front air tyre, rear solid tyre
    7) Foldable and lightweight
    8) High ImpactFront and Rear suspension

    *Wheel Size:  10 Inch
    *Motor: 52V 600W
    *Battery: 52V 13A/18A/26A
    *Speedometer:LCD display
    *Light:Front light+rear brake light
    *Speed: 55km/h
    *Brake: Front and rear disc brakes

    The partnership in the Hiley scooter – number 1

    • A product with exclusive exclusivity due to ownership of production plants that provides economic stability.
    • Close accompaniment from the establishment stage to our joint success.
    • Development and blue-white design that contributes to the possibilities of government and social assistance.
    • A research lab that renews every year the latest technologies of the famous Tesla company.
    • Help with financing, financial, bureaucratic and accounting support all the way.
    • A strong and powerful clientele that includes leading celebrities and media people.
    • Advertising and marketing budgets at large scale volumes with significant impact.
    • The largest Facebook group in Singapore , the first page in Google, high-budget advertisements and more '

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