The Birth of New Electric scooter

New Technology Suspension design:

Front and rear high density, high impact PU integrated suspension system provides stable and safe riding in off road

The superior driving comfort of the Twinpower :

A dual high density, high impact PU suspension that achieved both large shock and small vibration is attached to the front and rear wheels to provide excellent shock absorption and the best riding comfort over rough terrain.

Must be robust under all conditions:

One of the most important parts of Twinpower, the front, rear swing arm is made of special forged aluminum for aircraft to ensure durability and safe running in off road environments. The swing arms, suspension and frame have been designed and tested to withstand extreme external force.

Bigger Power, Faster Speed:

Equipped with powerful 2 x 1000watt brushless motors, this beast can reach up to 65km/h. This gives you the power to conquer any terrain.

Battery Option

We know different market have different needs. you get to choose different specification of the battery

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